Ranunculus Watch

Ranunculus Watch

The ranunculus are late!  By this time last year, the first ranunculus stem had already been harvested and there were many other buds poking through.  This year, I planted them outside much sooner than last year, and the weather has been an absolute roller coaster, so I guess I can't be that surprised that they could take a bit longer. 

This week is a very important week and will be a good indication if we will have ranunculus available for Mother's Day, and beyond!  I really hope that this coming week is kind to them and that we start to see some buds.  

I think I need to do some serious soul-searching and number crunching to see if growing ranunculus is really worth it.  They are so specific and picky in what conditions they like (cool) and the Springs that we get here do not lend themselves well to growing ranunculus.  

Please stay tuned for more updates!


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